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Vacations by CB

Contact person: Carrie Bryer (+)
Address: 50 York Drive, Suite , Marshfield 65706, MO

"I put your head in the clouds and feet in the sand."

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Vacations By CB can book your cruise, your weekend get away, your family reunion, your wedding on an island ship or mountain, Resort stays from all inclusive to just a weekend at the lake. Disney cruises, Disney resorts, Disney all over, I can help plan your trip. From air to land, I can find affordable prices for you and your family. I can even help you plan your trip for next year and you can pay on it through out the year. So many ways to enjoy and relax, let me take your worries away.

Business hours

09:00 AM - 5pm-work from home after
09:00 AM - 5pm-work from home after
09:00 AM - 5pm-work from home after
09:00 AM - 5pm-work from home after
09:00 AM

Address & Hours

1329 Spur Drive, Suite 130
Marshfield, MO 65706
8AM to 4PM, M-F


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