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Senior Benefit Services Champ Herren Insurance

Senior Benefit Services Champ Herren Insurance
Contact person: Champ Herren (+)
Address: 102 North Crittenden Street, Marshfield 65706, Missouri
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To thrive as a business, we must evolve to meet the persisting needs of our clientele, while continuing to provide the exemplary service that has come to be expected of us throughout the last 40 years. What We Do: Senior Benefit Services represents several top-rated life and health insurance companies. We strive to educate our clients on the financial risks they may face due to lack of preparation. Our products include: Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Long Term Care, Funeral Trust, Final Expense, Cancer Plans, Annuities and Investments, and Prescription Drug Plans. Our Vision: To ensure an enhanced lifestyle for families across the nation. Our Mission: To create an experience where the quality of our service and reliability of our ethical sales agents are combined to establish us as the most trusted life and health insurance provider; and to present our clients with choice, ease of mind, and the assistance needed to make the best decisions during the preparation of their future.

Address & Hours

1329 Spur Drive, Suite 130
Marshfield, MO 65706
8AM to 4PM, M-F


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