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Understanding Your Forage/Hay Analysis

800 S. Marshall, Marshfield, MO
18 December 2019, 1:00PM until 3:00PM
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Event Description

For individuals that graze cattle, sheep, horses,goats or bale hay, understanding the nutrient content of your forage is important. Meeting the nutritional needs of livestock directly effects production and profitability. Understanding what your forage/hay analysis is telling you and how to use that information is key to your success, especially in the winter months. That is why the University of Missouri Extension is providing these workshops. The workshops are designed to be individual consultations with producers to understand your forage/hay analysis, no appointment is necessary. Producers are encouraged to bring any forage/hay analysis they might have. Producers throughout the southwest region can choose an location to attend. The workshop will focus on the following objectives: how to take and submit a sample for analysis, understanding a forage/hay analysis report, how to use the test information in developing a balanced ration. The workshop will provide recommendations for needed supplements and assist producers in developing a ration based on individual test results. The workshop is free, those attending will meet with Mu Extension specialist one on one. The workshop will be held at the Webster County Extension Center in Marshfield on December 18th from 1-3 pm. This will be a great opportunity for producers to learn the value of a forage/hay analysis and get any questions answered you might have. No need to register just stop by the location of your choice, if you have any questions contact your nearest MU Extension Center. University of Missouri Extension programs focus on the high-priority needs of Missourians to improve lives, communities and economies by providing relevant, responsive and reliable educational solutions. MU Extension programs are open to all. More information on this topic is available online at http://extension.missouri.edu.
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Webster County Extension Council
800 South Marshall Street, Marshfield 65706, Missouri

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