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Missouri's Complex Fence Law

800 S. Marshall St. , Marshfield, MO
23 February 2021, 6:00PM until 9:00PM
Price: $ 15.00
Type: Meeting

Event Description

“Missouri continues to have a very complicated fence law, in large part due to the fact that 2 separate laws cover the state depending on the county that your land is in” according to Kyle Whittaker, County Engagement Specialist – Agriculture & Environment with the University of Missouri Extension. “If you own land you really need to know the law and how it impacts you whether you own livestock or not”. “Furthermore, in 2016, a portion of the law was changed to address livestock liability that affects livestock and non-livestock owners alike,” said Whittaker. Other problems are that both laws are subject to interpretation and can be a little different, depending on the county you are in. A comparison of both laws will be given at this program. Joe Koenen, Agricultural Business Specialist, has been presenting programs on the fence law for over 30 years throughout the state, including via Zoom, Skype and ITV. Landowners need to be aware of what the law is in their county, and this meeting will help them better understand their rights and responsibilities. This program will be done via Zoom so attendees can see the presentation and also ask questions of the presenter. It allows the presenter (Joe) to talk to several folks in a wide area without traveling to each location. Contact Kyle Whittaker at the Webster County Extension Office (417 859-2044) if you have any questions or email kyle.whittaker@missouri.edu. You can register online at https://extension.missouri.edu/events/missouri-s-complex-fence-law-marshfield
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Webster County Extension Council
800 South Marshall Street, Marshfield 65706, Missouri

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